Indian Language Online Courses with Lingua Learn

Indian Language Online Courses with Lingua Learn – The uniqueness of languages ​​in India is reflected in its extraordinary diversity with over 120 recognized languages. Each with its characteristics and history, India provides a rich terrain for those wishing to learn these unique languages.

Indian Language Online Courses with Lingua Learn

Diverse writing systems, such as the Devanagari script for Hindi and the Tamil script for Tamil, add to the uniqueness of Indian languages. Interested in learning, Lingua Learn is the right place to learn various foreign languages ​​including Indian languages. Here are some of our foreign language classes that are suitable for you:

1. 20 Hours 1-on-1 Foreign Language Online Class

Already an adult (17 years or older) and want to study a foreign language intensively alone? Our 1-on-1 private classes for 20 academic hours are the best solution. With our expert tutors, you will study a foreign language according to your needs intensely. Complete our lessons and receive a CEFR-level certificate at the end of the session.

2. Russian Online Course A1.1 Beginner Public Group

For us, the pronunciation of Russian might sound foreign and difficult to understand, this might make it difficult for beginners to learn it. But not if you join our basic Russian class which is suitable for beginners. In this class, basic Russian language material will be delivered easily during 30 hours of academic learning with an expert mentor.

3. Pre-Foreign Language Assessment Course

Have you ever had experience learning a foreign language and wanted to determine the right class according to your abilities? let’s test your foreign language skills first in this class. Just spend 15 minutes, the assessment will be carried out via Zoom and our mentor will assess accurately to determine the right class.

4. Russian Online Course A1.2 Beginners Evening Public Group

Already proficient with first-level basic Russian, continue your learning in this class. Still, with 30 hours of academic learning, this class will improve your Russian language skills.

5. Public Group Beginner A1.1 Portuguese Online Course

Having trouble learning Portuguese? Join our basic Portuguese class suitable for beginners. 30 academic hours of learning with an interactive mentor and fun classes will make it easy for you to understand the basics of Portuguese. Also, take part in the assessment session and get the CEFR level certificate.

6. Semi-Private Foreign Language Training 2 Students

Private study is not always alone, because we have semi-private classes for 2 students to learn foreign languages. If you are too awkward studying alone but want intense learning, you can choose this first class. 20 hours of academic study with our expert mentors will improve your foreign language skills.

7. 1 hour 1-on-1 Foreign Language Training

Only have 1 hour and want to study privately? Don’t worry, we have intense 1-on-1 foreign language classes for just 1 hour. Our mentors will provide specific material suitable for your needs, and receive a CEFR level certificate at the end of the session.

8. Turkish Online Course A1.1 Beginner Public Group

Want to taste Turkish kebab directly in its home country? Make sure you understand the language even if only the basics. Join our basic Turkish language class for 30 academic hours, you will not be confused in communicating there later. Our expert mentors will provide material that is easy to understand systematically in the class.

9. Japanese Online Course A1.1 Beginner Public Group

Want to learn Japanese because you are interested in anime or manga comics? Our basic Japanese classes are suitable for beginners to start learning. There are 30 academic hours of study with our expert mentors to help you master the basics of Japanese. Don’t miss the assessment session and get the CEFR-level certificate.

10. Indian Languages ​​Online Course A1.1 Beginners Public Group

Like Bollywood films and interested in learning Indian? Our basic Hindi classes are perfect for beginners starting their studies. Our expert mentors will provide easy-to-understand basic material for 30 hours of systematic academic learning. Complete this class and take the assessment session to obtain your CEFR-level certificate.

11. Public Group Beginner A1.1 Chinese Online Course

Planning to travel to China but afraid you won’t be able to communicate smoothly there? Join our Chinese class first. Take 30 academic hours in our class and you’ll master the conversational Mandarin basics you need. Our expert mentors will guide you in an interactive and fun way.

12. Korean Language Online Course A1.1 Beginner Public Group

Korean culture is becoming a trend throughout the world, therefore Korean language is also in demand by many people. If you are still a beginner and want to learn Korean, join this class. There are 30 academic hours of basic Korean language learning that are ready to make you understand basic Korean to communicate.

Having skills in a foreign language will certainly be of added value to you, both for personal and professional purposes. For this reason, join the Lingua Learn foreign language class which provides online classes to learn foreign languages ​​easily and funly.