Learning the Turkish Language by Lingua Learn

Learning Turkish Language by Lingua Learn – Turkish is unique in its language structure which is slightly different from European languages. The alphabet used is also quite different (Arabic letters with adjustments) and has verbs and grammar that follow a unique pattern. This uniqueness might interest you, especially if you are planning a visit there.

Learning the Turkish Language by Lingua Learn

One interesting aspect is the concept of prefixes and suffixes which allows the easy formation of new words. For beginners, this uniqueness can be a challenge, but also an enriching experience in understanding Turkey’s rich and fascinating culture. With Lingua Learn you can learn the basics of Turkish and various other foreign languages ​​through the following online classes:

1. 20 Hours 1-on-1 Foreign Language Online Class

This class, which is specifically for those aged 17 years or more, is very suitable for those of you who want to study a foreign language intensely and privately. His 20 academic hours of intense study with our expert mentors will make you understand the foreign language you need. Upon completion of the learning, you will also be awarded a CEFR-level certificate.

2. Russian Online Course A1.1 Beginner Public Group

This country of the red bear is said to have a unique language and alphabet. If you plan to visit it, it is certainly advisable to learn the basics of the language first for smooth communication. There is basic level 1 material for beginners which will be provided for 30 academic hours by our expert mentors.

3. Pre-Foreign Language Assessment Course

Want to test your skills in a foreign language you’ve previously studied? This class is the right choice. For 15 minutes via Zoom our mentor will accurately assess your foreign language skills. After knowing your abilities, we can provide appropriate class suggestions.

4. Russian Online Course A1.2 Beginners Evening Public Group

Want to deepen your basic Russian? Join our evening second-level beginner class. Free time in the evening will make your studying more optimal. Take advantage of 30 academic hours to deepen your Russian language knowledge. There is always an assessment session at the end of the lesson before you get a CEFR-level certificate.

5. Public Group Beginner A1.1 Portuguese Online Course

Still unable to speak Portuguese but want to visit the country? Joining our beginner Portuguese class could be the right choice. There are 30 academic hours of learning for beginners to understand the basics of Portuguese. Don’t hesitate to ask various questions about learning before facing the assessment session.

6. Semi-Private Foreign Language Training 2 Students

Want to study privately with another friend? This semi-private class could be the right choice. There are many foreign language options that you can study with us during 20 academic hours. Together with an expert mentor and fun friends, let’s learn a foreign language according to your needs and get a CEFR-level certificate.

7. 1 hour 1-on-1 Foreign Language Training

Don’t have much free time? We have foreign language classes for 1 hour only. 1-on-1 learning in this class will be guided by expert mentors with learning materials and methods that are suitable for your needs. Master the basics of a foreign language quickly and easily to improve your skills. Earn a CEFR-level certificate after completing this short lesson.

8. Turkish Online Course A1.1 Beginner Public Group

Planning to visit a country that is one of the world’s tourist destinations? Learn the language first with our basic Turkish classes for beginners. Our expert and interactive mentors will guide you and your class group to understand the basics of the Turkish language. Don’t be afraid to take an assessment session to measure your abilities and get a CEFR-level certificate.

9. Japanese Online Course A1.1 Beginner Public Group

This land of the rising sun is also often a world destination for vacations, work, and continuing studies. If you are one of them, learning the language is the right choice to make communication easier there. Together with our expert mentors and supportive classes, 30 hours of academic Japanese learning will improve your basic understanding of Japanese.

10. Indian Languages ​​Online Course A1.1 Beginners Public Group

With its uniqueness, India is visited by many foreign tourists. If you are planning to go there then joining our basic Indian language class is the right choice. Basic Indian language material will be presented over 30 academic hours that are easy and fun to learn.

11. Public Group Beginner A1.1 Chinese Online Course

Planning to learn Mandarin but having difficulty learning it? Our basic Mandarin classes are a great choice. The intricacies of Mandarin will be learned easily and systematically with our expert mentors over 30 academic hours.

12. Korean Language Online Course A1.1 Beginner Public Group

It cannot be denied that the Korean language is on the rise along with the development of the entertainment industry. This also increases interest in learning the language, if you also have the same interest then this class is the right choice. Master the basics of Korean during 30 academic hours of learning with our expert mentors.