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Spanish Language Classes Online Lingua Learn – Spain is unique in its cultural diversity, the exciting art of flamenco, and culinary delights such as the famous paella. Understanding Spanish is important because it opens the door to the more than 20 countries where it is spoken. This will make it easier for you to communicate during tourism, business, and study trips in the land of bullfighters.

Spanish Language Classes Online Lingua Learn

Learning Spanish can be challenging because sometimes the pronunciation and vocabulary are different from other languages. However, Lingua Learn offers language learning courses, including Spanish, with a fun and in-depth method. Here are several Lingua Learn Spanish language course classes that you can choose:

1. 20 Hours 1-on-1 Spanish Training Class

This private class is suitable for those of you who want to study intensively. 20 academic hours of 1-on-1 learning will improve your Spanish skills, and earn you a CEFR-level certificate at the end of the session.

2. Beginner Spanish Online Course A1.1 Public Group

Group learning for 30 academic hours with an interactive mentor is suitable for those of you who are still beginners. You and your friends will get easy-to-understand Spanish language material from your mentor. Here you will also be assessed for your abilities and get a CEFR level certificate.

3. Pre-Spanish Assessment Course

If you’ve studied before, let’s test your skills in this class. This short 15 minutes assessment via Zoom will be a tool to test your Spanish language proficiency and level. Later, the mentor can direct you to choose which class level.

4. Public Group Weekend A1.1 Beginner Spanish Online Course

This basic Spanish class is suitable for those of you who are still beginners and have free time on the weekend. Studying with an interactive group and mentor will make it easier for you to learn Spanish. Don’t miss the assessment at the end of the session.

5. Public Group Weekend A1.2 Beginner Spanish Online Course

Finished your first level of beginner Spanish at the weekend and want to improve your skills even further? then continue in this class. Still with the same facilities, this advanced material will deepen your abilities.

6. Basic Spanish Online Course A2.1 Public Group Weekend

Want to start continuing your basic Spanish on the weekends, join this class. The advanced material that the mentor will teach during 30 academic hours will open your knowledge of Spanish further.

7. Beginner Spanish Online Course A1.2 Public Group

Still a beginner and don’t want to lose your weekend? join this class. 30 hours of academic learning will never feel boring with a fun group and interactive mentor.

8. Semi-Private Spanish Training 2 Students

Want to learn Spanish privately but don’t want to get bored alone? Our semi-private classes could be the solution. Learning 20 academic hours with a mentor and another student will be easy and fun.

9. 1 hour 1-on-1 Private Spanish Class

Only have 1 hour to study, no problem we have this one class. Even though it only takes 1 hour, the material presented by our mentors can open your insight into Spanish.

10. Basic Spanish Online Course A2.1 Public Group

Once you’ve mastered basic Spanish level 1, return to this class to improve your skills. 30 academic hours of intensive study with a fun group and mentor will enhance your understanding.

11. Basic Spanish Online Course A2.2 Public Group

The second level of basic Spanish learning in this class will make you understand the basics of learning Spanish. There are 30 hours of academic learning and an end-of-session assessment to obtain a CEFR-level certificate.

12. Pre-Intermediate Spanish Online Course B1.1 Public Group

Want to continue your learning after mastering the basic material? Join this first level Pre-Intermediate class. Still, with 30 hours of academic learning, our mentors will provide advanced material easily and pleasantly.

13. Pre-Intermediate Spanish Online Course B1.2 Public Group

Continue your learning in this second level pre-intermediate class. Material that is easy to understand will be delivered by our mentors for 30 academic hours.

14. Spanish Online Course B1.3 Morning Public Group

Have time in the morning and want to continue learning intermediate Spanish, don’t miss this class. 30 hours of academic study in the morning will make it easier for you to study, of course.

15. Intermediate Spanish Online Course B1.3 Public Group

Not only mornings, our third level intermediate Spanish language learning also has evening classes. Suitable for those of you who have a relaxed evening and want to deepen your Spanish. After passing 30 academic hours do not miss the assessment and CEFR level certificate.

16. Intermediate Spanish Online Course B1.4 Public Group

This class is our highest level Spanish class. Complete 30 hours of academic learning and you will be like a Spaniard when it comes to communicating.

Each of our public classes always ends with an assessment to measure your abilities. Apart from that, we also provide a CEFR-level certificate in each class as proof that you have completed the learning. Are 17 years or older and want to learn Spanish, join a Lingua Learn Spanish class.